The PARTY is on the Bus! Really?

Your birthday is coming and of course you say: now I am going to have a super different party! but the most original thing you can think of is the ice cubes that you saw the other time on TV, with strange shapes, which are colored or have a leaf of mint in the middle and you think, my problems are over, goodbye to boring parties!

For you, yes for you who are reading this, I have a question for you: Have you ever heard about PARTY BUS? I tell you, if you want to celebrate but in a really original way, simply gather all your friends in your house, wait for the party bus Boston to pass for you, get on the bus and let the party begin! Because they are already in the den, just like that.

These buses have everything, screens, a super sound, antro-type lights, decoration, cool armchairs, everything to go in your automobile. Just imagine, you, your friends, your dive and add that they are going through the main streets and avenues of the city. But that’s not all, if you want you can make a tour to the extent so they can stop at the dens you want, get off, have fun, go back up and follow him. Or you can choose to be on your Party Bus during your entire party. All this wave began in Europe around the 90’s, Juan Carlos Zazueta was launched to live in Ibiza, he met the Party Buses that are very popular and popular there and said Why not?

Czech, you can choose between the following types of buses:

Party Bus Pool:

They fit 75 buddies and it’s super cool because it has a pool.

Retro Bus Party:

Super vintage, decorated cafeteria style of the 60’s and fit 30 passengers.

Party Bus Lux:

If what you like is luxury, this is for you, the decoration, finishes and style is mega lux. They can go 60 passengers.

Party Bus Terrace:

For 45 friends, the cool thing about this bus is that it has a second floor in the open air, for those who like the wave of going to see the landscape.

Party Bus London:

It is English Pub style; it is for 50 people. Brought direct from London. It is in which, year after year, Celtics celebrates St. Patrick’s Day,

Party Bus Airplane:

This is incredible because it has the shape of an airplane, you go down the street and people get out of wave because you see a plane circulating through the city and of course inside it is very crazy with animal print armchairs and the whole thing. Here they fit 45 passengers.

Now that the ice cubes of colors are not the only original in your party, and not only in your birthday, because you can do parties of fifteen years, declarations of love, good until a wedding you can arm, net that is super, extra , funny mega, is another concept, and when you assemble your party you invite us!


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