Cases of Police Brutality

Cases of Police Brutality

This list compiles incidents alleged or verified to flow from to Police Brutality Attorney that attracted important media or historical attention. Several cases are speculated to be of brutality; some cases are quite allegations, with official reports final that a criminal offense was committed by police, with some criminal convictions for offences like grievous bodily hurt, planting proof and wrongful arrest. This list ought to embody solely cases outside of the subsequent countries, every of that has their own list:

Before 1990
• 22 Sep 1920: In retaliation for Associate in Nursing ambush by the IRA, Royal Irish law enforcement agency (RIC) officers killed five civilians and burnt sixteen houses in west County Clare, Ireland.
• 21 Nov 1920: The Crooke Park massacre in Irish capital, Ireland. Royal Irish law enforcement agency (RIC) officers opened-fire on civilians UN agency were looking at a Gaelic soccer match in Crooke Park; fourteen were killed and 60–70 wounded. The attack was believed to be revenge for Associate in Nursing IRA assassination operation earlier within the day.
• 24 March 1922: The McMahon murders in European country, Northern Ireland. Officers of the Ulster Special law enforcement agency (USC) poor into a house closely-held by Associate in Nursing Irish Catholic family and shot all eight males within. Six were killed. It’s believed to possess been a retaliation for the IRA’s killing of 2 policemen the day before.
• 1 Apr 1922: The Aron Street killings in European country Northern Ireland. 10 officers of the Ulster Special law enforcement agency (USC) poor into variety of Irish Catholic-owned homes and killed six Catholic civilians (including a child). This was believed to possess been a retaliation for the IRA’s killing of a law officer within the space.
• 25 December 1951: 5 Hispanic men and 2 white men were severely overwhelmed by members of the la local department, in an occasion referred to as the Bloody Christmas. Eight officers were indicted for assault, and 5 were found guilty.
• 21 March 1960. South African police shot at a crowd of black anti-apartheid protesters, killing sixty nine and injuring over a hundred and eighty in what became referred to as the Sharpeville massacre. Proof showed that the police continued firing even once the gang had turned to run, and also the majority of these killed and wounded were shot within the back. The reality and Reconciliation Commission later complete that the police actions had entrenched “gross human rights violations in this excessive force was unnecessarily wont to stop a gathering of unarmed folks.” Police Brutality Attorney

  • 17 Oct 1961. The French police attacked an outsized demonstration of unarmed and peaceful protesters of Algerian origin, killing between seventy and two hundred, within the Paris massacre of 1961.
    • 19 Apr 1969 in Derry, Northern Ireland. Throughout disorder between Irish nationalists and also the Royal Ulster law enforcement agency (RUC), RUC officers poor into the house of Catholic civilian Samuel DeVenny, UN agency wasn’t concerned within the riots. The officers kicked DeVenny and beat him fiercely with batons. His young girl and a family friend were overwhelmed unconscious. His older girl and son were additionally attacked. It’s believed that the attack LED to DeVenny’s death on seventeen July 1969.
    • 13 July 1969 in Dun given, Northern Ireland. Catholic civilian Francis McCloskey was overwhelmed with batons by Royal Ulster law enforcement agency (RUC) officers throughout street disturbances and died of his injuries the subsequent day. He’s generally deemed to be the primary death of “The Troubles”.
    • 14–15 August 1969: throughout the 1969 Northern Ireland riots, the Royal Ulster law enforcement agency (RUC) shot dead 5 Catholic civilians and opened-fire on crowds of Irish nationalist protesters.
    • 1967–74: the strategies of the Greek clique were documented within the picture Your Neighbor’s Son. It centered on the brutalization of young MP recruits that turned them into torturers. Michalis Petrous, a conscript UN agency became an infamous oppressor, testified against his former colleagues.
    • 1977. Steve Bike is wide believed to possess been killed by police as a results of anti-apartheid demonstrations in Republic of South Africa.

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